Christian Chandra
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Hello. My name is Christian Chandra, I am both programmer and designer.

I've already worked with several well-known clients in Indonesia especially Semarang, Central Java and several other countries.

Specialization that I've covered are
  • Dynamic web programming (PHP and JSP)
  • Web design and redesign
  • Web application with standards-compliant XHTML and CSS
    including Javascript - AJAX - JQuery - Prototype, Adobe Flash, CodeIgniter framework and RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)
  • Desktop application (.NET C#)

Friends that always help me finish my projects are adobe photoshop, illustrator, flash, netbeans, eclipse, vs2010 and ultraedit.

You may check some of My Portfolio and also don't hesitate to read My Curriculum Vitae as well.

Let's work together!

my photo
Some of my works are finished as Rectmedia project.
Ask me to help you making your personal website!


including domain, hosting, and data maintenance (update data & information)
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